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13:Creating a New Site From Your Phone

Create a stunning site right from your mobile phone! Its simple, just enter your details and we will combine the best content and design elements to automatically build a beautiful site for you.

Once we have built your site, you can make content, layout and design changes right from your mobile. 

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Creating a New Site From Your Phone

Once we have built your site, you can make content, layout and design changes right from your mobile. 

You can create a site using either:


The site created for you on mobile is an ADI site

Create a New Site from the Wix Mobile App
  1. Open the Wix mobile app.
    Note: Learn how to download the Wix mobile app.

  2. Tap the Add icon         at the top right.

  3. Follow the steps to create your site.

Learn More

Create a New Site from on Your Mobile Phone
  1. Go to to login on your mobile device.

    • If you don't already have a Wix account, sign up and click Get Started. 

    • If you have an account, login, click on your menu and click Create a New Site.

  2. Tell us what your website is about and tap the arrowto continue. 

  3. Check any of the features your website requires or click Skip:

    • Sell online: Create an online store and easily manage, promote and sell your products.  

    • Take bookings and appointments: Accept bookings and reservations.

    • Get subscribers: Add a form to easily attract more subscribers and build your mailing list. 

    • Create a blog: Keep your readers engaged by adding a blog. 

  4. Enter the name of your website. 

  5. Add your business address or click Skip. 

  6. Click on the Add More iconto add a picture of your business, social media link or tap the arrowto continue. 

  7. Pick a style you love and click Continue. 

  8. Click Build Site. 

Next steps:
  • Preview your site by tapping Preview at the top of the page. Tap Publish once you are ready to publish your site.

  • Once you have created your site, you can start customizing it. Learn How

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