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Introducing the way of Web Marketing by Xoblas

Xoblas-assisted online marketing: The following three are necessary for this practice.

  • Facebook account: Facebook page

  • Landing page: Product description and application / payment page (can be joined)

  • Website: No need if you just want to sell your product.

We can produce all three above, as well as assist your creation.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Are you satisfied with your web-market so far?

If so! All right, thank you for your attention, and let me say "See you next time!".
If not, then, first understand that the product, or the service, is not well sold because of its good qualities, but sold well by well-brained advertisements.
First understand and oversee of methods that are not face-to-face sales and not face-to-face attraction of customers.

Online Marketing / Attraction Tips: Marketing 101. Overview of methods that are not face-to-face sales and not face-to-face attraction of customers.

How to make a Facebook paid advertisement: FB advertisement ⇒ LP ⇒ Explain the purchase flow. Learn how to make an FB ad, which is the gateway to everything.

How to create a tool for customer acquisition: LM (leading magnet) ⇒ Explain the flow of mail via email. Learn the concept and how to make LM.

How to use advertising: Aim to attract new customers and increase sales by mimicking the advertising successful in the past.

Outline to attract customers on the site: outline of the flow ⇒ For corporate managers

Three Ready-to-Use Online Sales Techniques: Learn Ready-to-Use Sales Templates and Zoom Sales Techniques.

Introductory course on entry page production: Learn effective techniques of LP production before site production for product sale.

Sales Formula to Increase Contract Tax to 50%: Learn how to increase your precious contract tax.

Online Creation Course: Wix Training Course

Each unit is further subdivided. We produce 5 to 10 15-minute videos.
I make a video in Esperanto and subtitle it in Mongolian or subtitle it: For a live session, the interpreter is ready.
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