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Introducing the world of Wix by Wix Partner

Wix Partners can create many different types of sites using the Wix platform. Wix offers solutions for every kind of site: business, online store, photography, events, blog, portfolio, and so much more.

HUGO YASS, CEO for Xoblas,LLC., is listed, with his Japanese name "Yas Kawamura" and his company "@planning,LLC " as agency partner, as one of Legend level partner on Wix Market Place, where every user of Wix can hirer them: Legend level has 5 stars of official badge of Wix Partner.     

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My History on Wix

Experience various occupations. Since 2007, he has been in charge of planning management and web production in all industries. Also, while operating the EC site, I learned about SEO measures with a "feeling that permeates the body".
In 2013, I met Wix while researching several CMS to answer the question from an acquaintance, "Is there an easy way to create a website?"

2013 WixPro registration: started production orders mostly from web site of "Wix Arena."

2015 WixWebmaster qualification: finel test " Wix SEO".

2015 Wix Certified Trainer qualification: finel test " Wix SEO instruction training".

2016 WixWebmaster2015 All Star Certification

2017 WixWebmaster2016 Super Star Certification

2017 WixAmbassador Kyoto and Kansai region certification

2018 WixAmbassador Captain certification

2018 WixPro⇒WixExpert⇒WixPartner certification

2021 The number of SNS paid advertising plans requested increased at Wix Market Place

2022 In addition to cultivating producers and instructors, free audio lectures for teaching know-how started.

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