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At a glance...and much deeper!

By offering plenty of free time and optional tours, we propose a new style of travel that combines the peace of mind of package travel with the flexibility of private travel.
The trip offer you to make your own trip plans by yourself!

X-tour offers "private style" package tours: For the time being, we will focus on inbound and outbound tours in Mongolia and Japan.
Of course, we will not exclude tourist spots that everyone knows!
Not only that, but during your stay, you can enjoy the extraordinary so-called “intellectual diving” that can only be experienced here while immersing yourself in the profound charms of both cities.

to Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe


In Mongolia, X-Tour will recruit tours and send you to Japan. In Japan, BTX Co., Ltd. (Tourism Agency Commissioner Registration Travel Business No. 1587) will be the company in charge of receiving travelers and will assist you in ensuring your safety and enjoyment of your trip.

in Japan hosting BTX.Inc.


Based on the knowledge cultivated through multifaceted project support and advanced business development, we accurately grasp the "needs" of foreign tourists (inbound tourists) in each scene from arrival in Japan to departure, and provide convenient and comfortable services. We support your stay.

private style


With the keywords of “touching,” “learning,” and “experiencing” Japanese culture such as clothing, food, and housing nurtured by the unique climate of the four seasons, BTX aims to promote interaction, learning, and cultural experience between people and people. It is a window for tourists visiting Japan, aiming to be a “bridge” to foster mutual understanding and friendship through exchanges.

to Ulaanbaatar


In Japan, BTX Inc. will recruit tours and send you to Mongolia. In Mongolia, B-Tour ( by Xoblas,LLC.  registered as a tour company: 47990 Ulaanbaatar 000215633) will be the agency in charge of receiving travelers and will assist you in ensuring your safety and enjoyment of your trip.

in Mongolia hosting X-Tour


In Mongolia, the key staff of the X-Tour will provide feedback on all tours based on their many years of experience in creating itineraries for cross-cultural private exchanges and assisting tour groups on-site. These experiences, including assisting local people in overseas activities, have been accumulated over the past 30 years.



Fusion of private style and package tour...In addition to new discovery tours for experienced travelers, we offer innovative ideas and planning capabilities for honeymoon trips, domestic and overseas training trips, incentive trips, and employee trips for corporations and companies. BTX, a company that thoroughly focuses on "employees and the company's vitality", is looking for tours to Mongolia.